At the heart of the International Christian Media Commission's work is the commitment to partnership. The history of western involvement in educating and training media practitioners has left some places dependent upon continued resourcing from outside. ICMC is convinced that the future lies in enabling each of our partners to have confidence in their skills and abilities to develop and deliver their projects under their own leadership.

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image 1"It gives added value that [our training] is recognised by someone else. Here in Africa ICTI has become synonymous with quality and quality assurance within training. We need many people who can do basic media training wherever they are. I've seen it make a difference to the work with some of the early ToT participants now leading the training work. Now we're working towards a university. This [has been] led by ICTI ToT graduates. We could not have imagined that being possible."


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"To do good work we need good friends and good questions. Good friends are not just acquaintances or buddies with whom we have a lot in common and whose company we enjoy. Good friends are often quite different from us, and those differences can make them think or act in unexpected ways. They can sometimes seem like strangers. Good friends offer us a different viewpoint and, sometimes, a critical perspective on our action. Good friends have the courage to talk back, to push against my hubris. Good friends, in words from the Book of Hebrews, provoke one another to good work."